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Being Fish People

(Non-fiction Bible study)

Paperback Price (USD): $9.99

Kindle Edition (USD): $5.99

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Written by Christopher Catalano (originally under the pseudonym Ansel Elliott), Being Fish People is a Bible study designed for use by small groups or individuals and is based on his book, Living with Fish People. It is not so much a study that gives you all the answers, but rather helps you to develop doctrinally sound answers to common questions and opinions people often have about Christianity. While studying selections from the book Living with Fish People and related Scripture passages, you will work through a series of questions and scenarios designed to get you thinking about how you can share your faith and how you might answer objections to Christianity from your peers.

The original book, Living with Fish People, was written and published (also originally under the pseudonym Ansel Elliott) in 2015 for non-Christians as one way to open dialogue between Christians and those who live alongside them in everyday life. The hope has always been that unbelievers would gain a deeper understanding of their Christian peers as they read and absorb the gospel message.


"This study was designed to help equip you to intelligently discuss the Christian faith with your non-Christian peers, not by giving you canned answers and catchy comebacks, and not by giving you all the answers, but by helping you to develop theologically sound answers in your own tongue. This study is about coming to a deeper understanding of what you believe as a Christian and why you believe it." -- Chris Catalano

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