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Jesus-shaped Idols


Paperback Price (USD): $8.49

Kindle Edition (USD): $5.99

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Something is terribly wrong in our churches and within the ranks of our church leaders, worship leaders, Christian artists, and the like. What is it that has so perturbed me that I felt I must write about it? It is that the church by and large has abandoned the Lord to worship an idol. It is not an idol carved of wood or stone, or a tangible figure on display that the church has gone to worship. Rather it is an idol that is created and made manifest in the mind.

It is the worst, most dangerous kind of idol imaginable; an idol that looks so much like the real deal, that to worship it does not even raise alarm, and the worshipers of it look just like every other member of the church. It is a Jesus-shaped idol. I truly hope this work is a blessing to you and to all who follow Christ and believe his entire Word without compromise. I hope it is convicting to those who have set up idols of their own making... idols that look very much like Jesus. It is with a heart broken over the very need for this book, that I offer you, Jesus-Shaped Idols...

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