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The Roman Drummer

(Fictional short story & dramatic script in one volume)

Paperback Price (USD): $5.38

Kindle Edition (USD): $2.99

Buy paperback or Kindle edition from Amazon here.

The Roman Drummer is a powerful short story and drama that vividly connects the Christmas story and the Passion of Christ. As a story, it evokes deep emotions. As a dramatic stage play it brings to life the events of two thousand years ago. The story is told from the perspective of Aquilinus, a loyal Roman soldier and the boyhood friend of a Jew called Yeshua.

The unthinkable has happened and now this soldier, with mind and soul in turmoil, guards the site of his friend's execution. His story and reflections are a journey through time you will never forget, and you will never celebrate Christmas or Easter again without remembering the connection between those two moments in history.

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