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Just Released!

The Pirate Africa Smythe


Paperback Price (USD): $15.99

Kindle Edition (USD): $8.99

Buy paperback or Kindle edition from Amazon here.

Immerse yourself in the amazing story of Africa Smythe as he spins the tale of his rollercoaster life. Listen in as he recounts his early days as the child of missionary parents, his enslavement by brutal captors, his rescue, and his plunge into a life of piracy and debauchery on the high seas.

Yet his story tells of how, even from the depths of depravity, one can spring to life to grasp onto not just life, light, and love, but the very Source of them. Into his story is woven the truth that no one is beyond redemption, not even a pirate blacksmith who spent his life turning away from God before becoming a disciple of Christ. More than historic fiction, this book is like looking into a mirror, showing us a reflection of our true selves and all that drives us to selfishness and sin. This book reveals that, in a sense, we are all pirates in need of redemption. While Africa Smythe's story is a sordid tale, it is ultimately a story of hope.

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