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Paperback Price (USD): $16.55

Kindle Edition (USD): $8.50

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It all seemed so unfair to Justin August. He was a bright, young research scientist whose life seemed to be right on track, until his wife, Sandy was diagnosed with a brain tumor that rapidly grew and took her life. That was a year ago.


Ever since her passing Justin had buried himself in his work to try to cope with her death, growing more and more hostile toward God with each passing day. If God existed at all, Justin figured that he sure messed things up to have made a world where there was so much suffering and pain. If only he had the power to create a world, he believed he could do better than God.

Then Justin found that he indeed had the technology to create a universe of his own. He could create a completely immersive virtual world where his rules would apply, where there would be no pain or death or weeping. It would be perfect. But trouble lurks in Paradise. Soon Justin finds himself confronted by evil personified in the form of a great dragon called Ahriman and all of his creation is groaning under the strain of the evil presence. Now, he is locked in a battle for his world, his people, and his very life.

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