For Want of a Hero

I walked into the office at one of our customer's business locations recently and while I was signing in I overheard a conversation about the latest political rally. It occurred to me as I listened to what those guys were saying that there is something people love about a hero. People naturally love a hero; that is, they love someone who will stand and make their case or argue their point of view for them in an authoritative way they cannot hope to do themselves, or someone who can defend something about which they are passionate. That is why so many rally passionately behind our favorite political candidates. Whether right or wrong on politics, people generally want a hero. More specifically, they want a savior who will enter their world with great power and authority to defend what they are passionate about, enforce what they believe is right, and to do justice where justice needs to be done.

The desire people have for a such a person as this opens a door to all kinds of opportunities to tell people about Jesus! We know that what they seek cannot truly be found in any human being, but has already been given to us in the person of Jesus. Political figures will fail us, disappoint us, and will sometimes even make us ashamed. But in Christ we have a hero who will never leave us or forsake us, will never do what is contrary to our ultimate good, and whose justice, grace, and mercy are perfect.

In my own experience and in from conversations with other Christians, it seems that one of the reasons we so often do not witness is that we always say we are waiting for an open door to have a God conversation with someone. I think that most of the time there are open doors all around us if we are willing to stop hiding behind our unwillingness to see them and use them. If the world wants a hero, we have one to tell them about, if only we will be courageous enough to speak when the opportunity is before us!

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