Just Passing Through?

Those who know me well, know that there are a couple of things I am really passionate about and that I love to do. One of those things is being out in the woods. Often, when I am out hiking I like to find a spot where I can just sit and get quiet. Sometime I just sit and let my mind wander as I admire creation, sometimes I go specifically to read scripture and seek the heart of God, sometimes I go to pray and just pour my heart out before Him.

As I sat in the woods one day I began to notice that something interesting happens when you get quiet and sit in the woods long enough. Eventually, the forest becomes comfortable with your presence. Even though you are still there, the wilderness seems to accept the fact and ever-so-slowly returns to normal around you. Squirrels begin to run and play again, birds land in the leaves right next to you. Sometimes a critter might have to change direction so as not to get too close to you but otherwise you become nothing more than just another feature in the landscape.

And As I sat there thinking about that I started to wonder how often do we as Christ-followers have that kind of an impact on the world? Does the world go on around us unchanged by our presence? Maybe people we know might have to change direction now and then, like watching their language around the 'religious guy or gal', but it seems rare to me that we leave a lasting impression.



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