The Miracle Evolution Cannot Allow

The ‘miracle of evolution’ would be just that if it were true. Though I have strong theological differences with the late Professor Richard Feynman, it is true that in The Feynman Lectures on Physics he spoke of just how amazing the created universe really is (The Science of God, Broadway Books, 1997). (Please don’t take my quoting Feynman as an endorsement of his teaching!)

The theory that all living organisms came into existence merely by chance untold millions of years ago is simplified in the minds of many people, and unquestioningly accepted I might add, partly because most people do not consider that evolution is not only allegedly responsible for the life we see around us right now, but also for all of the species of life that have ever existed, everywhere on the planet. In fact, at this time scientists [can] estimate that there is likely somewhere between 5 million to 100 million different species, in existence on planet Earth ( article ‘How Many Species of Life Exist on Earth?’).

While evolutionists (those who call themselves Christians and non-Christian alike) believe that the miraculous occurrences which lead to life on earth must have happened without a creator at the helm, there is one miracle that they simply cannot accept… the birth of a child from the body of a young virgin girl in Galilee about two thousand years ago.

It seems ironic to me that modern science believes almost without question that everything came from nothing, giving rise to chemical combinations that turned into basic life, basic life that became complex life, eventually yielding numbers of species ranging into the millions, and yet cannot believe that an egg, which already existed, could spontaneously begin the process of becoming a human life.

Why is this miracle so unacceptable to the enlightened evolutionary scientists? Quite simply, it is because Christians believe that the baby carried by that young virgin girl two thousand years ago began to form at the command of God, and that just cannot be allowed to stand. Evolutionists cannot allow the miracle of Jesus’ birth to be a reality because it threatens everything upon which their worldview is built.

The next time you are confronted with ‘irrefutable’ evidence for evolution, consider the number of miracles evolutionists will believe in to arrive at their predetermined conclusion, and the single miracle they must deny at the risk of a total paradigm shift.

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