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Buxton, NC Public Beach Hazards Project

This project involved the production of a webmap and online dashboard showing approximate locations of potential beach area hazards at the Buxton, NC public access beach area The hazards mapped were related to hidden remains of old structures left behind by the US Coast Guard's Group Hatteras Facility. This map showed near real time crowd sourced data showing recently observed hazards (within the last 30 days), including structures and oil sheens. Old structure locations were approximate as little data is publicly available showing building footprints and uses. Since environmental conditions change over time, hazards reported by beach users were filtered to show only reports submitted within the last 30 days.

NOTE: This project was not made publicly available so the screenshots below are provided to show what the project looked like.

Screenshot of NC Buxton Dashboard 1
Screenshot 2023-11-30 070100
Screenshot of NC Buxton 2
Screenshot of NC Buxton 3
Screenshot of NC Buxton Reporting Form
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